Our Story

In 2014, while we were living in Taiwan my mother visited us. After living with us for about two months, we noticed that she had gained some extra weight.Upon asking her, what could be the reason, she replied, "it's because of the rice cooker".Considering the fact that our food consumption habits were the same as in India.We figured out that it was the starch content in the rice which was adding on to the weight gain.

There after we stared researching on the fact and came up with few findings related to weight gain and starch containing higher level of sugar.At first we looked at buying one online but fortunately couldn't find one.

We thought why not invent one,and came up with this idea.Few decades back  the old traditional method of cooking rice was majorly followed in most parts of India.But due to time constrain and injuries caused by this method has persuade people to consume the rice cooked in normal rice cookers or pressure cooker without draining the starch.As a result weight gain and sugar issues have come into picture and people have eventually reduced or completely stopped consuming rice.

Research have proved that the boil and drain method has enormous advantages over the modern way of cooking rice.

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